Saturday, March 10, 2007


Frequently Asked Questions and Objections:

O1: I already have a large audience right in front of me I can sell to directly.

A1: Soon after the first sale, if done traditional way, you risk to find your product online available for free. This is the main reason why I created Digributor. With Digributor you charge a lot of people before you give your product to anyone.

O2: If I use your service I have to pay you thus getting less money for myself.

A2: If you upload your product you don't have any obligations to release it. Watch amount of money people agree to pay you collectively and if it is less than you could get selling it yourself just don't release the product.

O3: I don't quite understand how to use your service and don't want to learn before there is a proof that it is worth learning.

A3: You don't have to. All you need to do is send me your content, tell me how much money you want, and I will put it up for sale. Consumers will bid what they are willing to pay and, once the accumulated bid reaches your set amount, I will charge them (all at once) and send you your money! The process will be completely transparent to you and you will have full control. You set your selling price…and you can even end the sale early if you so choose.

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